Céline Murphy

Archaeologist – Visual Artist

PhD in Aegean Archaeology, 2016, University of Kent, United Kingdom

Diploma in Artistic Education, 2006, Ecole des Arts de Braine L’Alleud, Belgium

Currently a post-doctoral researcher in Aegean Archaeology, my interests lie in bright-coloured and fine-lined, but damaged, images and objects. ‎I believe that archaeologists and artists possess the same urge to understand the world, past, present, and maybe even future, through knowledge and perceptions. A mutual core interest lies in the mechanisms (in my view: creativity and experiment) that people use(d) in order to learn about their surroundings and to express their identity.


Murphy, C. forthcoming. Replicating Minoan artefacts. The use of experimentation in the examination of peak sanctuary figurines. In Simandiraki-Grimshaw, A. & Sattler, F. (ed.) Replica Knowledge.

Murphy, C. forthcoming. Figurines as further indicators for the existence of a Minoan peak sanctuary network. Proceedings of the 12th Cretological Congress.

Murphy, C. forthcoming. Gestures in Minoan two-dimensional iconography. Proceedings of the 11th Cretological Congress.

Murphy, C. 2018. Solid items made break, or breakable items made to last? The case of Minoan peak sanctuary figurines. Les Carnets de l’ACoSt 17, pp. 1-10. Murphy 2018 – Breakage

Murphy, C. 2015. Choreographed Frenzy: A Sequence of Steps towards the Understanding of Movement and Dance in Aegean Bronze Age Iconography. In Panagiotopoulos, D.; Günkel-Maschek, U. & Cappel, S. (ed.) Minoan Archaeology. Challenges and Perspectives in the 21st Century. UCL Presses Universitaires de Louvain, pp. 311-318. Murphy 2015 – Choreography

Murphy, C. 2014. Developing an inclusive framework for research on Minoan peak sanctuary anthropomorphic figurines. Newsletter of the Association of Coroplastic Studies 12, p. 4. Murphy 2014 – Methodologies

Murphy, C. 2012. Minoan three-dimensional anthropomorphic representations. Problems of definition. Creta Antica 13, pp. 61-82.Murphy 2014 – Definitions


Solo exhibitions

Disjecta Membra ** Ceramics, ceramic installation and water-colours ** 19/10/2018-26/10/2018 ** Da, Heraklion Crete. 

Group exhibitions

Replica Knowledge: An Archaeology of the Multiple Past ** Experimental replicas of ceramic Minoan peak sanctuary figurines ** 16/09/2017-31/03/2018 ** Humboldt University, Germany.



Monitor Fest “From Dream to Decay” ** Photographs in the series “Details of Decay” ** 19/10 – 29/10/2017 ** Heraklion, Greece.


Experimental archaeology

Collaboration with professional potter for experimentation with recreating the clays, manufacture techniques, firing conditions and fragmentation of the Philioremos peak sanctuary figurines ** Heraklion, Crete, Greece ** Funded by University of Kent ** April 2013-September 2014.

Archaeological illustration

The Three Peak Sanctuaries of Central Crete Project ** Crete, Greece ** Funded by University of Kent ** April 2010 – April 2012.

Koumasa Excavations ** Crete, Greece ** Funded by Heidelberg University ** September 2013 – September 2020.