Céline Murphy 

Archaeologist – Visual Artist

The past and the present, parts and wholes, creation and destruction; not so much contradictions as pairs, inextricably linked… These are the ambivalences that fuel my research. Academically qualified as an archaeologist, but also trained as an artist, I presently work at the intersection of both disciplines, expressing my thoughts and discoveries in both written and visual form.

Currently fascinated with ‘the fragment’, be it physical or conceptual, I explore its narrative value in reconstructions – or, perhaps more precisely, constructions – of the past. Through my works, consisting mainly of ceramic installations and paintings, I research different avenues for understanding breakage and decay. Another aspect of my research is the body, the broken body, the missing limb, and the idea of the body part as a token for humanness.

I believe that archaeologists and artists possess similar urges to explore and understand the world, past, present, and maybe even future. A mutual core interest (and sensitivity?) lies in the mechanisms (in my view: creativity and experiment) that people use(d) in order to learn about their surroundings and to express their identity.


2011-2016 PhD, Aegean Archaeology, University of Kent, UK

2009-2010 MRes, Aegean Archaeology, University of Kent, UK

2006-2009 BA, Classics and Archaeology, University of Kent, UK

2004-2006 Qualification, Artistic Education, Ecole des Arts de Braine L’Alleud, BE

Individual Exhibitions

Abfutura – Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Heraklion GR, 11/07-28/07 2019

Interstice – Two Elephants|artworks and dwarfs, Heraklion GR, 29/03-31/03 2019

Disjecta MembraDa, Heraklion GR, 19/10-26/10 2018

Selected Group Exhibitions

Four Elements Underground Gallery, Sofia BG, 27/02 2019

Replica Knowledge: An Archaeology of the Multiple Past Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin DE, 16/09 2017-31/03 2018

From Dream to DecayMonitor Festival, Heraklion GR, 19/10-29/10 2017


2019 World of Co, Sofia BG

2018 The Lakkos Project, Heraklion GR

Archaeological Illustration

2019 Knossos Anetakis plot, Crete GR

2019 Kalyvia, Crete GR

2019 Alonaki, Crete GR

2013-2017 Koumasa, Crete GR

2010-2013 Philioremos, Crete GR

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