An interstice is an intervening space, a gap, a crack, a fissure on a surface. An interstice, caught in between two material parts, is an absence, an emptiness. An interstice is therefore a trigger for anxiety, a hole to fill, a powerful tug at our perennial human instinct to compensate for what is missing.

An interstice, however, is also serendipity. It is the creation of a thin crack through which to peek, or a small fissure through which light enters. An interstice can offer a different view on the world we believe we know, and a new perspective which challenges existent ways of seeing and presenting. 

The works gathered under this title both collectively and individually address the power of the intervening space. They experiment with the transformative potential of the interstice, on surface and in perception. The tension created by the interstice – be it an energy attempting to break out of the ceramic tiles or an attraction between two non-joining painted shapes – is here actively pursued and embraced. 

Ultimately, the works seek to address some questions, which are too often overlooked, during the rush of daily life. What causes an interstice: material change, passing time and accidental collision, or quiet collusion? Must an interstice always be unintentional, or can it be intentional? Why must we always fill the gap? Why do we fear emptiness and absence? Why is it so difficult to valorise the broken? Is it possible to materialise an interstice?

The works grouped in Interstice were created in Sofia, Bulgaria, during a month’s stay at World of Co Residency. Interstice was shown for the first time in February 2019 at Underground Studio/Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria) and for a second time in March 2019 at Two Elephants art space (Heraklion, Crete).

Photographs by Lora Musheva

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